Kamek Client

It really sucks dick. - Wubbcuck 2021

About this Client:

The Kamek Client is a highly optimized custom Minecraft Client that probably runs 1.8 (like every hackclient smh)
It also uses the OpenGL2Vulkan translation layer to give you more graphics api overhead to reduce your performance like a pro gamer.
We also insure that we use 1.8 instead of the latest version for compatibility and lazyness of the custom client devs

Our Features:

  • Hav good performance
  • Shitty launcher written in C# instead of Java
  • Advanced / enhanced OpenGL features for 3D DICK rendering EXAMPLE *does not represent real OpenGL 3d penis render
  • Runs on the not optimized Java 16 JRE
  • Is Skid free proof here -------> CLICK HERE
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *yes im lazy to draw a line in css and fuck you

    Our scummy plans: